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Dear Internet Marketer,

In this Internet age where everyone is hiding behind a computer, professionally ecover designed graphics and proper page layout, can play a major role in convincing your prospects to buy from you.

Pro eCover Design crew knows that :
"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Another school of taught says that if you're going to be in business, dress in a business manner! After all, dressing your product well by giving it a professional looking Design eCover goes to show how serious you take your business and your prospects will be able to tell that, consciously or not.

So, What Are The Solutions?
For Best Web & Graphic Design, London & Toronto
Has The Most Creative Design Agency's In My Opinion.

Look, the truth is that, we'd like to buy what we CAN see, though digital products can't be touched or felt unlike tangible products.

Now, let's check out what other options you have in creating your own professional eCover:


ecover pro graphic Get Design Tools or Software that creates Pro eCovers for you.


You can create an unlimited number of eCovers with such leverage that you suspect these wicked design tools are ready to put graphic designers out of their job!

But the question is: can you produce PROFESSIONAL eCovers that you've been wanting so badly? Whether you like it or not, you still need to have a certain degree of graphic designing skills to utilize eCover Creating Programs.

In addition, more often than not, you will just NOT like the results you get from using these programs. I know it because I've used them myself before.

I don't think this what you REALLY want, right? Let's check out your next option.


ecover Hire a Graphic Designer to create your cover graphics.


You can hire a graphic designer to get the job done for you... that is, if you don't mind forking out at least $99 for having one professional eCover done for you. And that is only ONE.

You might or might not have the money to afford a graphic designer. And if you need to have some adjustments made to the Book Cover, it might cost extra on your part to have the same graphic designer make any changes to the eBook Design Cover.

Which Leaves The Third And Best Web Design Option For You...

pro graphic bulet Pro Ecover Design. Why us?


ecover bulet

You Get Professional Unique eCovers = We Create With Photoshop!

proecover check

You Get The Most Affordable Prices In The Industry.

ecover design

Fastest Turnaround Time.

cover design

You Get Unlimited Revisions for 30 Days = We Will Work With You Till You Are Satisfied.

3d bulet

Did We Mention Our Friendly Support Team? We're Here For You When You Need Us.


As a product owner, you know that professionally designed Cd, DVD, Ebook, Software Box, Ezine, Cover Graphics are going to convert much higher and if the price is right, You will have more Free time to concentrate to create more products to sell.


Quality Cover Graphic = Higher Conversion = More Money


So now the question for you is...


Would You Rather Have...


pizza graphic




A Killer Pro eCover Designed Graphic!


Make the choice... buy a pizza... eat it today... or get access to the "7 dollar killer "
Pro eCover Design
and buy as many pizzas as your heart desires!


So if you're serious about your online business and want a killer, high quality eCover Graphic to get started, check our eCover Styles and click the order button below.





Few Samples of Design Styles
that we provide.





We are working to add all styles available on a separate site..


We have several more.... actually few hundred styles...

to many for one web page...On this site you will find only

the most popular ones...


As you can see, all graphics are professionally designed with print quality and we will provide you with

3 different sizes S, M, L ... or your own choice of size....


That way you have all the option that you need size wise.





We appreciate your feedback in regards to selection, so please contac us with your suggestions.


For custom design prices, please contact us.. and we will surprise you how affordable we are...



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Check Out Our Styles Gallery On


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Also you will find more info of other services that can benefit you..


We ARE The Secret Graphic Factory for few of the many designers out there..




"What Do I Get For That Price?"

You May Ask


You get 1 Pro eCover Style of your choice from our gallery, in two file formats = PNG & JPG.

You get 3 different sizes: S, M, L in both file formats = PNG & JPG.

You get FREE unlimited revisions for 30 Days,

You get FREE Original PSD file (upon request), with all the layers. ( Usually not available from other designer sites. )

You get FREE Storage on our server of all your orders = You Just Have To Send Us an email in order to retrieve them at any time.

You get the fastest possible turnaround time for draft design 1.5 working days or less.

( Usually 12h for only 1 ecover or sooner)



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